July has been a very busy month us as we picked up another Danish beast Oliver otherwise known as Downs2K to our competitive roster, everyone was hyped when we announced him joining and it’s truly been amazing having him in the team.

We also took part in history being made as Epic announced the first trio tournament in which Ken finished 54th in the semi finals and Haxcore & Refsgaard finished 51st in the Grand final with their trio Quadra

Haxcore then did it again in the 2nd trio event finishing 72nd with Bloodx & xkumu

Our players do not only perform on the competitive side we are also gaining small milestones on social media as we recently hit 500 followers on Twitter so I’ll like to thank you all for supporting us. Downs2K also hit his own milestone reaching 1,000 twitch followers & Refsgaard is on his push to be partnered after getting his numbers close to the required amount of 75 average constant viewers. Refsgaard also had more news to celebrate after hitting 1,000 Twitter followers & Downs also passed the 600 mark

Amazing news as Haxcore & Refsgaard qualify for the FCS (Fortnite Championship Series) Championship with their trio Beast becoming one of the first 8 trios to qualify finishing 6th, these 3 players are definitely proving themselves to be one of the best trios in the European region

After the performance of Week 1 in the FCS by Haxcore & Refsgaard as if he had a point to prove Downs2k performed outstanding in the semi finals finishing 13th however he could not replicate that in the finals finishing 138th. Haxcore & Refsgaard however finished 26th which shows how consistent they are even after already qualifying